Albemarle Sound gives its name to a private, waterfront golf community along its 500 miles of shoreline. Albemarle Plantation’s success has been attributed to its conveniently secluded Carolinas “Inner Banks” location, its Dan Maples golf course, and the friendly, fun-loving nature of the community’s residents.

In 2012 that community of friends did something unique: they bought the place. Golf club, marina, tennis, pool and fitness facilities, walking trails, dining – all of the amenities, all done (and done well), all owned by the residents. Why? They saw an opportunity to control their community’s future, and to be a beacon of stability in a sea of uncertainty. To keep membership costs low and property values high. And to share their great quality of life with a growing number of friendly, fun-loving folks.

Today, Albemarle Plantation offers an intriguing blend of convenience and seclusion, of golf and boating, and of quality and value.  You can read about us in the Wall Street Journal’s OWN magazine, but you don’t have to go far to learn more. Take the drive to coastal northern North Carolina – its worth the quick trip. Special “Discover Albemarle” packages are available through the community-owned sales office – call 800-523-5958 for details, and to make a “Sound” decision of your own.