Why Albe​ma​rle Plantation

With the waterfront location, the existing amenities and the reasonable pricing, we felt like this was a good place for us to invest in our future retirement...

- Barb & Win Boyer

We wanted to move South – but not too far – and we wanted to be near water. In New York City, traffic is insane, taxes keep getting worse and I can’t take another winter. At Albemarle Plantation, the people just couldn’t be nicer. There’s a lot of pride in the community, and that makes a difference.

- John Calvano

I lived in the Washington, D.C., area for almost 25 years. We’re still close enough that you can drive back – you don't have the hassles of airfare and the like. The road connections are good, and you can get to I-95 from here rather quickly.

- Sandra & David Rigby

I feel like I’m on vacation every single day of my life.

- Angela & Jim Ermi

You don’t have to work hard to arrange for outside play dates. There is always something to do.

- Jean Wilson

We were concerned about leaving family and dear friends, but the great climate and close proximity to our home gave us a comfort level to purchase our property a few years before we were ready to retire. We stopped here to meet up with my sister and her husband on our way back from to NJ from FL in March 2002. At that time they were signing papers to purchase their lot. We returned December 2002 and purchased a lot in Woodside 2! Top 2 reasons we decided to purchase: Looking to move to a warmer climate after retirement | My sister and her husband also live here.

- Jane & Harry McCoy

I love living in Albemarle Plantation because...of all the obvious with the golf course, boating and the wonderful people, but just as important is that our grandchildren call it "Camp Garrett"!! They love it here...the pool, driving range with Papa, catching crabs on the dock & boat, "Smoothies" at Dockside, and bike rides that are endless, but safe, on our Plantation. AP is a little piece of heaven! It also beats the winters in Chicago!!!

- Patt and Ted Garrett